Hello I'm Jeffery Mays

Managing Partner with Keffer Auto Group

"There's a thin line between good and great"

- Jeffery Mays

Automotive Dealership, Digital Retailing & Marketing Expert

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I started working in 1983 right out of school and got what you’d call a real-life education. It would have been cool if I had the advantages of sharing my message with large a audience using the internet; but that wasn’t the case back then. Instead, I was given a packet, then sent out to hit the streets. I was forced to learn on the go, and honestly, it was a blessing in disguise. I learned quickly how to interact with people, get real comfortable hearing rejections, how to manage my time, how to prospect and give quality presentations. All these experiences laid the foundation for my future success in the automotive industry. 

Serial Entrepreneur


I am the managing partner for the Keffer Auto Group at the Keffer Volkswagen (Huntersville) and I'm also the general manager at the Keffer Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram Dealership (just south of Charlotte). I am ultimately responsible for the performance and operation of both locations; I act as a general manager for both to ensure they succeed. I have a very strong support staff in both locations that allow me to tackle such operations.

More Cash 4 My House is a real estate investing company that I started with my family and has approximately over $3 billion of assets under ownership and management. We specialize in property flips, property wholesaling, and luxury vacation rentals. The bulk of our business is in flipping properties, where we seek out motivated sellers and distressed properties, purchase those properties and then fixed them up for residential and investor resale.

Call Team Six : Special Ops for Auto Dealers a team of dealership, BDC, tech and digital experts who have ‘cracked the code’ of optimizing dealership prospect outreach with the most advanced auto-dialing, omnichannel tech in the industry which also integrates seamlessly into all major dealership CRM’s. Our omni channel software makes each agent up to FOUR TIMES MORE PRODUCTIVE.

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